Main Bearings For 93-95 Twin Turbo, 3-Rotor, and RX8
Part Number Color Code Bearing Thickness
10-E040-NF01 Yellow 1.980mm = .07795″
10-E050-NF01 Green 1.983mm = .07807″
10-E060-NF01 Brown 1.986mm = .07819″
10-E070-NF01 Black 1.989mm = .07831″
10-E080-NF01 Blue 1.992mm = .07846″
10-E220-NF01 Yellow 1.988mm = .07827″
10-E230-NF01 Green 1.991mm = .07839″
10-E240-NF01 Brown 1.994mm = .07850″
10-E250-NF01 Black 1.997mm = .07862″
10-E260-NF01 Blue 2.000mm = .07874″
Thickest is .07874″ (least clearance) minus thinest of .07795″ = .00079 TOTAL range — This is LESS than ONE thousanth of an inch.
We do not consider this range to be significant and therefore we primarily use one of two bearings. For street motors we use the tightest bearing (E260) and for race motors we use the loosest (E040) bearing. If you want a specific bearing, we are ready and able to order the size you need by part number.
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