Mail Ordering Parts Using Credit Card, and Explanation of Shipping Charges

We do accept credit card orders, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express, for mail-ordering parts. The prices listed on this site are CASH prices. The cash price reflects a 2% discount which you will forfeit by using a credit card. The "FULL" price helps toward our Credit Card Fraud loses, and helps cover our considerable extra time spent to take credit cards. This is "lost cash discount", meaning the cash price applies to C.O.D. payments, mail order payments by check, or cash sales purchased at our parts counter for our local customers.

Please understand the following criteria for credit card usage:

1. Shipping must be to the person and address that are shown on the card. After a few purchases with the same card, and approximately six months, we may potentially be able to ship to a different address.

2. Please do not use other peoples cards - fathers', mothers', ex-wives', room-mates', etc. If your name isn't on the card, we can not accept it.

3. When ordering by credit card, please be sure we have all phone numbers necessary to find you 24 hours a day (in case we forget to ask you). We need these because if there is a problem with the card, and we cannot find you within 2-3 phone calls, we can not process your order, nor continue looking for you. The phone numbers are also one of the criteria for checking credit card validity.

4. We can not accept any International Credit Cards, meaning ones issued by non-U.S. banks. These are essentially impossible for us to verify.

5. To all of the honest customers we have, all we can do is apologize for the restrictions. They are necessary for our protection, as well as yours. To all of the thieves and low-lifes out there, thanks for screwing everything up for all of us who choose to work for a living, live honestly, and treat other people fairly. We honest people can only protect ourselves as best possible, and hope that you will one day get what you deserve.

It seems that most people do not understand that when a stolen card is used in mail-order, that it is NOT the credit card company that eats it! -- IT IS THE BUSINESS THAT ACCEPTED THE CARD!!!! Simply stated, when we get burned, the credit card company is not out a single DIME - WE LOSE IT ALL. These thefts must be absorbed into operating costs, which then determine pricing structures, and whether the business can continue to exist!!!


Ordering - telephone orders may be placed Monday thru Friday, 8:30 A.M to 4:30 P.M. Pacific time. On-Line orders can be placed anytime. We try to view our incoming mail twice a day. Orders may be charged with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. There is a 2% lost cash discount for credit card orders. We will ship C.O.D. but payment must be in money order or cashier's check upon delivery, and there is a $12.00 C.O.D. charge for each box of the shipment and minimum $50 parts order. We suggest sending a certified check, cashiers check, or money order for your order. Personal checks require THREE weeks to clear before the parts order can be processed.

Shipping - Ground shipments will be sent UPS whenever possible, Air's also go UPS. Oversize and/or overweight orders will normally be sent by truck. UPS will not deliver to P.O. Boxes. We must have a street address for UPS. Post office shipping is unreliable, but can't be helped if you only have a P.O. Box.

If you do not have a street address the U.S. Postal Service will be used.

International Shipments- Orders must be prepaid in U.S funds. Call, write, or Fax in advance to obtain the total cost of the order and shipping. Bank wire transfer is the preferred method. All duties/import fees/border fees are the sole responsibility of the customer. A street address is required.

Returns - All returns must be pre-approved by MAZDATRIX. Return C.O.D. shipments will not be accepted. The parts will be inspected by MAZDATRIX, and if in satisfactory condition, we will try to get a refund check mailed within 72 hours. A 20% restocking charge will be charged on all returns due to customer error or any problems not directly related to Mazdatrix. No returns on electrical or special order parts.

Refused Shipments - The customer is responsible for freight (both ways) on any shipment refused for any reason plus the normal 20% restocking fee. No future orders will be processed until the customer's account has been cleared. Future orders must be prepaid in full.

Cancellations - Any cancelled orders will be charged to the customer at the cost incurred by MAZDATRIX at the time of cancellation.

Returned Shipments - Any returned items that were not deliverable due to lack of payment, or not in 3 attempts, must have shipping paid both ways by the customer before any future orders will be processed for the customer.

SALES TAX - California residents will be charged current sales tax in all purchases.

Backorders - Will be shipped as soon as possible. If you would like a refund instead of waiting, please let us know.

Warranty - Parts cannot be warranted beyond the warranty of the manufacturer, when not manufactured by Mazdatrix. Any products found to be defective in workmanship or materials will be repaired, exchanged, or replaced at the sole option of MAZDATRIX, after inspection and approval. Mazdatrix is liable for only the cost of the part(s) supplied, not for any additional expenses incurred such as labor, lost time, shipping costs, or other parts damaged.

Damage Claims - The carrier is responsible for delivering merchandise in satisfactory condition. All deliveries should be inspected, any damage pointed out to the driver, and a claim form with the carrier filled out. MAZDATRIX cannot replace merchandise damaged in shipping if a claim form has not been filed with the carrier.

Prices All prices are subject to change without notice. The "most" current (but not necessarily 100%) price list is available from the MAZDATRIX home page.


We do NOT charge a blanket 10% ground, 25% second-day air, etc. as many places do. We normally get the order ready and process it through the UPS computer to arrive at a shipping cost. This is quite hard to do on a telephone order (the parts are not in our hands, the scale is in the next room, the box size isn't determined yet, etc. etc.). We therefore make an educated guess and correct it when we have all the information ready.

For those customers who have never had the pleasure of working a shipping department, here are a few of the options and regulations:

Shipping UPS: Regular Ground (5 working days to the east coast, usually less to west coast), 3-Day, 2-Day Air, 1-Day Air.

UPS Ground Average shipment times

UPS Ground Map

Weights: Letter Package, or 1 Pound thru 150 Pounds in 1 pound increments

Insurance: $2.00 per $100 over $100

C.O.D.: adds $12.00 per package

Dimensional Weight: This means L x W x H / 194 = minimum weight to charge (for domestic or /166 for international + Puerto Rico). Then add: All international with separate charts and export documents, Canada with export documents, charts, and no C.O.D. allowed, POST OFFICE with it's own reams of charges, Saturday delivery for 1-Day UPS, etc. etc

When you are mailing in an order with a Money Order or Cashiers Check, you need to have ENOUGH shipping to allow us to process the order. It is easiest if you email us asking for a total. You can also call to get a total. If you do not have time to call/email, make sure to include enough extra to cover the cost of shipping. If you have included too much shipping, we simply include a refund check for the excess. If you have NOT included enough, then the order is held until we have located you and you have sent in more, or agreed to C.O.D. for the balance + $12 (very hard to do if you did not include your phone #'s, they have been disconnected, nobody who answers knows who you are, or they do not speak English, you do not work there anymore, etc. etc. - ALL of which have happened many times).

Whenever a person calls UPS and requests a different address for delivery, UPS charges the SHIPPER $5-$12 !!! That is why all of our boxes are labeled with a "Do not change address" sticker. They still charge us, so we get to hassle with them about twice each month to reverse all the $5-$12 charges.

To help keep expenses down, we try to recycle most usable boxes we receive. This also helps trees, the environment, etc. (we also use biodegradable "popcorn" for packing). Please remember no new boxes are free, and some of the larger ones can cost upwards of $10 each and require 15 or 20 minutes to get the order ready to go out.

So please bear with us - we try to be very real on our shipping charges, just remember there is a lot involved to come up with that simple "shipping and handling" charge on your invoice.

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