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Used Parts We Normally Have In Stock
Price Image Description
$400 Image Soon 79-82 Differential 3rd members (non LSD)
$450 Image Soon 83 Differential, non-LSD, big driveshaft flange, small axle splines
$450 Image Soon 84-85 12A 3rd member, non-LSD, big axle splines
$750 Image Soon 79-85 Any Limited-slip differential (3rd member) with stock axle ratio
$350 Image Soon Used Electronic Distributor, fits 74-85, with tested igniters
$90 Used Igniters for 80, or 81-85 distributors (tested prior to shipping) -specify if '80 style
$50 Image Soon Most Cast-iron exhaust manifolds (non-turbo) - specify year, and model

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