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Weber 45 DCOE Side Draft Intake System

The WEBER 45mm side-draft intake system is an excellent performance upgrade for your RX7. Kits are supplied with carb, filter, and linkage brackets. Note: fuel pump and/or fuel pressure regulator are not supplied. The 12A kits use a one-piece manifold. The 13B 4-port kits include an upper and lower half manifold. The 6-PORT kits are supplied with the upper manifold, which bolts to the original equipment lower manifold. A low pressure fuel pump is required (not supplied) if the WEBER system is being installed in a formerly fuel injected car. Weber Intake System
Part Number Application Image
C-WEBER-12A Stock/modified 12A engines Weber 4 port side-draft intake systen
C-WEBER-13B Stock/modified 13B 4-port engines
(Uses 2-piece Racing Beat Manifold)
C-WEBER-6PSE Fits 13B 84-85 GSLSE engines Weber 6 port side-draft intake systen
C-WEBER-6P86-92 Fits 13B 86-92 6-port engines

Manifolds for Side Draft Carbs
Part Number Application / Description Image
18100 Upper manifold half - all 74-85 engines
For 12a, lower half 18111 is also needed
For 13b 4-Port, lower half 18112 is also needed (but discontinued)

For 84-85 6-Port 13b, this upper will bolt to the stock lower
18101 Upper manifold half - all 86-92 6-port engines
Bolts to stock lower half
Does not fit Turbo
18111 Lower manifold half - 12A
Use with 18100 above
Side Draft 4 Port Manifold

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