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79-85 Electrical

This section of our website contains many of the miscellaneous electrical parts needed to maintain RX-7's. There are thousands of "electrical" parts in the cars and we make no attempt to list them all. The parts in this section are what we have found most needed in our servicing of RX-7's, and the parts most often requested by our customers.

Please remember that electrical diagnoses can be extremely time-consuming, complex, and hard to always get right the first time. We can not accept electrical items for returns or exchanges, and virtually never for warranty either. It is extremely hard to verify whether the part was damaged in the installation, damaged by other defective parts, wired incorrectly, or damaged by incompatible after-market parts. Diagnosing the problem by continuing to install part after part is not the correct method of solving the problem. ALL cars these days are getting more and more small CPU units in them, and it can be REALLY hard to isolate the bad one(s). Also do not forget the "chain reaction" possibility - one bad unit can take out a few more with it.

Remember: Do YOU want to purchase an electrical part that was installed in some other car and "didn't fix the problem" ? We can not sell those parts again.

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