New Products (06/15/11)

We are adding new products, and improving various pages / pictures daily. These are some of the highlights.

RX-7 & RX-8
Clearance Books and Manuals
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79-85 Heavy Duty Competition Idler Arm
Eliminates the need to replace idler arm bushings. Unaffected by header heat. Ideal for racing or heavy duty street use.

Back By Popular Demand
Intake Block-off 84-92 13B Intake ALL

1/8" Thick Aluminum - Great for protecting engines for storage or shipping.

As seen on our Fabrication Page

79-83 Dual Guage Pod

Click here for Aditional Guage Mounts
RX-8 Triple Guage Dash Mount

RX8 Gauge mounts available here
Angle Fire Cover Crank Angle Cover Click Here
Sprit R Badge Spirit R Badge
Added to the Exterior Logos page
Exterior Logos / Badges
Pilot Bearing Installing Pilot Bearing Installer -- Works great for installing pilot bearing, then the seal. Put bearing on tool, line it up, hit tool with hammer. Four inches of knurl to decrease the hammered knuckles / thumbs. Aluminum and inexpensive.

See our Tool Page for aditional Tools
Mazdatrix Oil Cap Top View

Mazdatrix Oil Cap Bottom View

Back by popular demand

Mazdatrix Billet Aluminum Oil Cap

Much nicer, and lighter, than those bulky thick ones

KMR Oil Cap Kyle Mohan Racing Billet Aluminum Oil Cap OIL-CAP-KMR
New OEM Key Blanks added to our large selection of Key Blanks and Key Chains Click Here
Exedy Street
Exedy Stage 2
We now offer Exedy Street, Stage 1, and Stage 2 Clutch kits

We also have EXEDY Serious racing clutches and flywheels

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TURBO FLY 4.5 Flywheels for Serious Racing 4.5" or 5.5" Clutch now available in Turbo diameter (4.72 Pounds) + new design for the non-turbo ones also (4.26 Pounds). Click Here
Rebuild DVD A comprehensive DVD covering an engine rebuild from head to toe!

-- Over TWO hours long --

After having looked at the other "Rebuild" videos on the market, we decided to make our own (obviously with professional filming help). The others were either WAY too long, or covered the same step repeatedly (once would have been enough), or had hard to understand accents, or simply put you to sleep.
We believe ours is the best on the maket.

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Rotor Key Blanks for All RX2, 3, 4, Cosmo and 7 Click Here
93-95 Dual Oil Cooler Kit

- 2x Mocal Oil Coolers
- 1x Oil Thermostat
- 1x Tubular 45°
- 2x Tubular 90°
- 2x Tubular 150°
- 2x Tubular 180°
- 1x Straight
- 1x Female 90°
- 2x Adapters (18mm to -10)
- 2x Crush Washers
- 13 Feet of Braided Stainless Hose
- 8x Adel Clamps

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86-92 Fiberglass Wide Front Fenders

-- Rear Fenders also --

86 - 88

89 - 92

93-95 Fiberglass Wide Front Fenders Click Here
Mazdatrix Street Porting DVD Click Here
Efini Badge Logo Efini Badge Emblem for 93+ Front or Rear
(ALL colors now available)
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Lip before installation
RARE Mazda OEM 89-92 Front Chin Spoiler, available in all factory colors brand new! 86 - 88

89 - 92
Now Available!

Kaaz Limited Slip Differentials

Kaaz LSD is the pioneer in the large sized clutch plate design. It's effectiveness and durability has been proven at the race scene throughout the world. Kaaz LSD models react fast without fail and have a wide range of adjustments available to suit different driving conditions. Kaaz uses the largest friction plate size possible and also increases the number of plates to gain maximum performance. As a result, when compared with other LSD brands, you will find that a Kaaz LSD offers many advantages.

We are now a Kaaz dealer!

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Now Available!

Kaaz Gear Oil

KAAZ Gear Oil
KaaZ Power Train Gear Oil works for all transmission/LSD uses. This gear oil has the capability of improving your LSD's performance, giving your LSD a longer lasting life and removing unnecessary noises from the LSD. Kaaz recommends using only their gear oil in their diffs. Using synthetic oil in a Kaaz LSD will DESTROY it.

We are now a Kaaz dealer!

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Super Steering Angle and Bump Steer Kits for 86-92 Click Here