Recommended Reading and Reference Books

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Please Note: We no longer sell these -- they are listed here just for recommendation. Check with local book stores,, or


Mazda Color History Mazda RX-7 Sports Car Color History
By John Matras has 128 pages covering the history of Mazda, with most of the book devoted to the RX-7. A large number of color photographs document the beginning and continue through the current generation of twin-turbo RX-7. Competition through the years is also covered both in print and with many excellent photos. A definite must for any enthusiast.


How to Modify Your RX7 How To Modify Your RX-7
We consider this book to be required reading for any rotary engine enthusiast. Though the emphasis is on racing engine preparation, the knowledge gained and points made throughout the book can benefit everyone. Included are discussions on clutch, transmissions, brakes, suspension, and tuning. Currently out of print if you can find it somewhere, buy it!


Advanced Race Car Suspensions Advanced Race Car Suspension Development
This is a great source for general information on camber, caster, slip angles, anti-sway bars, anti-dive and anti-squat, weight transfer, formulas, etc. The chart of bump-steer graphs has always been indispensable for us when setting up front geometry.


Optimizing Ignitions Optimizing Your Ignition System
Written by Dr. Christopher Jacobs, this book is a very comprehensive study of the total ignition system. Covered are the theories and applications of all types of coils, distributers, plug wires, CD and MSD units, and spark plugs. Trouble shooting, custom wiring, and technical data are also included.



Although this series of books is very racing oriented, we consider it a mandatory addition to any auto enthusiast's library. Most topics are covered starting with a general overview, then proceeding to more detailed analysis. This allows readers to choose the level of detail they wish to explore.

Prepare to Win Prepare to Win
Topics: Plumbing, metal work, brakes, suspension, alignments, engine & transmission maintenance, electrics, racing wheel & tire maintenance.


Tune to Win Tune to Win
Topics: Vehicle dynamics, race tires, load transfer, suspension geometry, springs, shocks, bars, brakes, cooling, racing in the rain.


Engineer to Win Engineer to Win
Topics: Metals, plastics, alloys, more on springs, suspension geometry, wheels and tires, tools.


Nuts and Bolts Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners, & Plumbing Handbook
Really literally covers the "nuts and bolts" of race car construction and maintenance. Explains the different "grades" of hardware, as well as in-depth coverage of assembly techniques.


Drive to Win Drive to Win

A definite MUST READ for anyone currently driving a race car, or contemplating driving one.

Topics: Mental and physical prep, learning what your car is trying to tell you, training aids, different track configurations, testing, driving in the rain, + much more


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