Car Covers

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Car Cover All of the car covers we offer are Custom Fit for RX-7's, and include Two Mirror Pockets. Please specify if both mirror pockets are not needed. The three materials and color choices available are described below.
Note: All car covers are "special order" -- meaning we do not keep them in stock (too many colors and styles). Must be pre-paid, no returns, no exchanges. Delivery time is normally 2-3 weeks.
The most rain resistant "Breathable" cover we offer. Technalon covers are great for rain, snow UV and dirt/dust protection. It is made of a high-tech 3-layer fabric that remains pliable in all weather conditions, and won't smell, degrade, or mildew. Available in three colors. This is an outdoor cover.
GK is Light Gray, ... TK is Gold/Tan
Application Color Part Number
93-95 (no rear wing) Light Gray C13504-GK
Gold/Tan C13504-TK
93-95 with rear wing
(Not super style wing)
Light Gray C13505-GK
Gold/Tan C13505-TK
86-92 Coupe Light Gray CB52-GK
Gold/Tan CB52-TK
86-92 with GTU spoiler Light Gray C10739-GK
Gold/Tan C10739-TK
88-92 Convertible Light Gray C10734-GK
Gold/Tan C10734-TK
79-85 Light Gray CB35-GK
Gold/Tan CB35-TK
Tan Flannel
These covers have soft napped, flannel underside that prevent scratching of the paint. They are over 50% heavier than the polycotton, and gives longer wear and increased capability to withstand exposure to sunlight. Water repellant treated, mildew resistant. The flannel covers are primarily considered indoor covers.
Application Part Number
93-95 (no rear wing) C13504-TF
93-95 with rear wing
(NOT super style wing)
86-92 CB52-TF
86-92 (convertible) C10734-TF
86-92 (w/GTU spoiler) C10739-TF
79-85 CB35-TF
These covers are a pigment-dyed blend of polyester and cotton, resulting in a soft yet extremely tough fabric. Drill weave construction is highly sun resistant and is finished with water repellent and mildew retarding treatments. Polycotton "Breathes" to allow condensation to evaporate through the fabric. Light gray color. This is an indoor cover.
Application Part Number
93-95 (no rear wing) C13504-PD
93-95 with rear wing
(NOT super style wing)
89-92 CB52-PD
88-92 (convertible) C10734-PD
86-92 (w/GTU spoiler) C10739-PD
79-85 CB35-PD


Car Cover Accessories
Cover Bag Polycotton Storage Bag (not supplied w/cover) Specify material and/or color of cover


Part Number is COVER-BAG
Cover Lock Anti-Theft Cable Lock is a seven-foot, plastic coated steel cable with a brass lock supplied. The cable goes under the car through the re-enforced grommets that are standard in all our car covers.

Part Number is COVER-LOCK



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