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Front Brake Pads - (Original Equipment)
Year/Application Part Number Image
13B 84-92
(w/single piston caliper)
49-2800-FA66 13B 4-Bolt Front Pads
86-92 5-Bolt
(w/4 piston caliper)
33-28ZD-FB71 86-92 5-Bolt Front Pads
93-95 33-28ZA-FDZ3 93-95 Front Pads


Front Brake Pad Hardware Kit
Year/Application Part Number Image
Brake Pin 86-92 (4 Piston Caliper) No Longer Available Brake Pin
Early 79
(w/wedge Slider Caliper)
49-2900-8871 Early 79 Hardware Kit
79-85 12A 49-290A-8341 79-85 12A Hardware Kit
84-88 13B
(w/single piston caliper)
49-290A-FA66 13B 4-Bolt Hardware Kit
86-92 5 bolt
(w/4 piston caliper)
49-290B-FB05 89-92 5-Bolt Hardware Kit
89-92 5 bolt
(w/single piston caliper)
33-29Z0-FCY1 89-92 1-Piston Harware Kit
93-95 33-29Z0-FDZ3 93-95 Hardware Kit


Brake Lines & Clips
Brake Line Clip Brake Line Clip Flex Line to Bracket 43-635A-W023
Left Hardline Front Caliper Hardline 93-95 Left 43-720A-FD01
Right Hardline Front Caliper Hardline 93-95 Right 43-710A-FD01
Front Caliper Hardline (4-Piston) 86-92 Left 43-720B-FB05
Front Caliper Hardline (4-Piston) 86-92 Right 43-710B-FB05


Brake Rotors - Front
We offer both the original equipment Mazda rotors, and less expensive aftermarket rotors.
Years Application / Notes OEM Part Number Aftermarket Part Number
79-83 Rotor/Hub w/o bearings No Longer Available 33-251B-8871-BR
84-85 12A Rotor/Hub w/o bearings No Longer Available 33-251B-FA54-BR
84-85 13B GSLSE Rotor/Hub w/o bearings No Longer Available 33-251B-FA66-BR
86-88 4 bolt Rotor Only No Longer Available 33-2510-FB01-BR
86-92 5 bolt Rotor Only 33-251A-FB05 33-2510-FB05-BR
93-95 Rotor 33-25XA-FD01 33-25X0-F100-BR


Brake Rotor Screw, all years
Phillips Flat head Counter sunk
Brake Drum Screw
Phillips Button Head


Dust Covers
Year Part Number Image
79-83 Discontinued
84-85 Discontinued
86-92 Discontinued
93-95 26-071A-GA2A


Wheel Studs
Here are the various wheel studs available for wheel bolting, with the correct 12x1.50 thread. They are needed when using various after-market wheels, or replacing the stock lug nuts that have integral studs.
Image Description Part Number
84-85 GSLSE (OEM)
2.25" Press-in stud.
86-92 Front (OEM)
2" Press-in stud.
86-92 Rear (OEM) 26-113A-8595
93-95 (OEM)
1.75" Press-in stud.
Fits 84-85 GSLSE, 86-95 and RX8
2.5" Press-in stud.
Fits 84-85 GSLSE, 86-95 and RX8
3.25" Press-in stud.
Fits 79-85 12A Only
2.25" Screw in stud.
Fits 79-85 12A Only
2.375" Screw in Stud with "starter" shank
04-ON Front (OEM)
1.687" Press-in
04-ON Rear (OEM)
1.625" Press-in


Lug Nuts
RX-8 Lug Nuts 84-85 13b, 86-92, 93-95 & RX8 37-160B-B002
86-92 with hub cap that covers lugs 26-161A-0603
81-85 12A 81-85 12A 33-1650-1029
RX7 Lug Nuts Generic open ended lug nut. Fits all RX7 wheel studs. Has 19mm head for tight clearance wheels. 04-7600-0000


Front Wheel Bearings and Seals
Model/Year Inner Bearing Outer Bearing Seal
79-83 All 33-0470-8545 33-0750-B002 33-0650-1312
84-85 12A 33-0470-8545 33-0750-1391-MV 33-0650-1312
84-85 GSLSE 33-0470-8545 33-0750-1391-MV 33-0650-1312
86-88 4-Bolt 33-0470-B001 33-0750-1391-MV 33-065A-FB01
86-92 5-Bolt 33-0470-B001 33-0750-1391-MV 33-065A-FB01


Rebuilt Front Brake Calipers

These are rebuilt calipers, and require you to send your cores in to be rebuilt. The core supply for Mazda RX7 has dwindled to a point where the manufacturers have nothing to build. Turn around time is about 1 week plus shipping time.

Year(s) Notes Left/Right Part Number
79 Wedge type Left Discontinued
Right Discontinued
80 12A Left Discontinued
We have one on the shelf- no core necessary
81-85 12A Left Discontinued
Right Discontinued
84-85 13B GSLSE Left Discontinued
Right Discontinued
86-88 "Normal" Susp. (single piston) Left Discontinued
Right Discontinued
89-92 "Normal" Susp. (single piston) Left Discontinued
Right Discontinued
86-92 Sport Susp. (4-Piston) Left Discontinued
Right Discontinued
93-95 All Left Discontinued
Right Discontinued


Brake Bleeder Screws
sold "each"
79-85 Front All 33-6910-0233
86-92 Front Single Piston Calipers 33-6910-0233
86-92 Front Four Piston Calipers No Longer Available
93-95 Front All 33-6910-B001


Front Caliper Rebuild Kits And Boot Kits
80-92 1-Piston Rebuild Kit (does 2 calipers) 49-2400-8341 Rebuild Kit
84-92 13b 1-Piston Boot Kit (does 2 calipers) 49-2500-FA66
86-95 4-Piston Rebuild Kit (does 2 calipers) 49-2400-FB05 Rebuild Kit
81-85 12A Boot Kit No Longer Available Boot Kit


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