Hatch Shocks and Seals, Sunroof Seals

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Rear Hatch Shocks
79-85 79-85 Hatchback Shock
After checking stock replacements and many aftermarket brands we finally located a brand that will hold up all 79-85 Rear Hatch Lids, even with louvers and wiper, yet still work easily for lids without the accessories. They are even less expensive than the factory ones. Left 4709
Right 4709



We have found that the factory Mazda parts are the only/best solution for these years.

NOTE: Ball mount not included, (Available below)
Passenger Side Without Light 62-620A-FC01
With Light No Longer Available
Driver Side No Wiper 62-620A-FC01
With Wiper No Longer Available
Ball Stud One Required per shock 62-6250-G043


OEM replacement parts
(Ball stud not included, but needed- see below)
Left 63-620A-FD03
Right 62-620A-FD01
93-95 Ball Stud - One REQUIRED per shock
Aftermarket replacement shock (each)


79-85 Rear Hatch hardware Inner Washer
Inside Bracket
No longer available
Bracket   Outer Washer
No Longer Available
Outer Washer
Outer Nut
No longer available
Outer Nut   Screw


Rear Hatch to Body Seal

Note: If this seal is not in good shape, and the latch not adjusted correctly, you can get really bad exhaust fumes in the car. We have had many customers keep getting "tune-ups" at various other shops, trying to get rid of the fumes. They did not believe the seal was the problem until they reluctantly let us replace it. Fumes can also come into the car from bad taillight seals, as well as from rust holes and terrible body work, where they left holes.
79-85 62-761D-8871
86-92 62-761C-FB01
86-92 Glass to frame seal 50-8990-GA7B
86-92 Glass to frame outer trim 50-611C-FB01
86-92 Glass to frame outer trim center connector piece 50-615D-FB01
NO IMAGE AVAILABLE 86-92 Convertible Trunk Seal No Longer Available


Sunroof Seals
When these seals are worn out, nicked, or shruken too much, you simply get that irritating water leaking/dripping on yourself, or your passenger. The 79-85 seals go on the body below the sunroof, while the 86-95 go around the edge of the sunroof itself.
IMAGE SOON 79-85 62-805B-8970
86-92 69-895C-FB03
IMAGE SOON 93-95 69-825A-FD01


80-85 Sunroof Hinges
(these are the pieces that slide into the body)
Left No Longer Available
Right 62-875A-8346

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