Distributors and Ignition parts

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93-95 Coils and Igniter
Leading Coil 18-1000-N3A3
Trail Coil #1 18-1000-N3A1
Trail Coil #2 18-1000-N3A2
Igniter 18-2510-N3A1 Image Soon

Coils and Igniters (86-92)
Coils with Igniter (leading) 18-1000-N327 coil w/Igniter Leading
Coils with Igniter (trailing) No Longer Available coil w/Igniter Trailing
Coil Only (leading - 1 required) 18-1000-N339 Coil only leading
Coil Only (trail - 2 required) 18-1000-N338 Coil only trailing
Igniter Only (lead) 18-2510-N327 Lead Igniter
Igniter Only (trail) 18-251A-N326 Trailing Igniter

Crank Angle Cover
Forward Facing Logo Left Facing Logo

Parts for Electronic Distributor (80-85)
Cap 24-310B-8245
Rotor 24-303A-8245
Igniter (81-85) 24-9100-E301
Used, tested 81-85 igniters 24-MZTX-IGNITER
Igniter (80 style) 24-9100-8173 Image Soon
Coil (80-85) 18-1000-8245
Pickup Coil, Breaker Plate 24-3140-N236

Electronic Distributor
81-85 New No Longer Available 81-85 Distributor
74-85 Used Part Number:
ALL Distributor Base O-Ring
Note for 79 and older: We have found incredible improvement by replacing a point-style distributor with an electronic one. Coils need to be changed at the same time, and with our wiring change diagram, the swap takes less than an hour. The benefits are lack of maintenance, improved mileage and power, and reliability.

Distributor and Ignition Parts (through '79)

Parts For 2-point Distributor (74-79)
Points (2 required) 24-3140-1757
Condenser (2 required) 24-3220-1757
Cap 24-3100-1757
Rotor (76-79) 24-3030-3648
Points base plate (76-79 Auto.) 24-3230-8872
Points base plate (76-79 Std.) 24-323A-8761
Points wire (76-79) 24-3190-8555
Coil for points distributor system 24-9200-8871

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