Front Suspension and Steering Parts

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89-92 Lower Control Arms
(includes new ball joint and bushings)
Left 34-3500-FC02
Right 34-3000-FC02


86-88 Ball Joint 86-88 Front Ball Joint 34-5500-FB01
Note: 89-92 Ball Joints only available in new control arms


Strut Top Mount 86-92 Strut Top Mounts (fits either left or right) 34-380C-FB01


Front Lowering Kit For 86-92 RX-7
The front is lowered approximately 3/4" with these new strut tops. Installation is easy, especially if struts and/or springs are being changed at the same time. Fits all 86-92 except those equipped with auto adjust suspension. Strut Tower Lowering Kit
RX-7 86-92 Front Lowering Kit 14000


Tie Rods / Steering Rack Ends / Tie Rod End
Rack End 86-88 Right Manual Only 32-240A-FB02
86-92 ALL
(except right 86-88 manual)
Tie Rod End Outer Tie Rod End
Does not include nut and cotter pin


New Complete Steering Racks and Boots
86-88 Manual Steering Rack NLA
Power Steering Rack NLA
89-92 Power Steering Rack NLA
93-95 Power Steering Rack 32-110B-FD15
86-92 Left boot 32-1250-FB01
86-92 Right boot 32-1260-FB01


86-92 Suspension Page

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