93-95 Shocks, Springs, and Anti-Sway Bars

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Stock OEM Mazda Shocks
Front 93-95 Left Normal 34-900A-FD15
93-95 Left Sport No Longer Available
93-95 Right Normal 34-700A-FD15
93-95 Right Sport No Longer Available
Rear 93-95 Normal Susp 28-700A-FD15
93-95 Sport Susp No Longer Available

SHOCK BOOT Shock Boot / Bumpstop / Upper Spring Seat Front 34-110C-FD01
Rear 28-110A-FD01
Lower Spring Seat Lower Spring Seat Front or Rear 28-0120-FD01

Springs High performance coil springs are suitable for most street and/or stock chassis racing classes. They replace the stock units with no modifications. The springs listed lower the car some and give improved handling characteristics. (Springs are red, not grey, as pictured)
Manufacturer Description Set/Each Notes Part Number
Racing Beat Front and Rear Set Lowers Car approx. .67" front, 1.35" rear 14083
Front and Rear Set .67" front 1.35" rear 14083

Stock OEM Mazda Springs
Front 93 Only (each) 34-0110-FD03
Front 94-95 Hard Suspension (each) No Longer Available
Front 94-95 Soft Suspension (each) No Longer Available
Rear 93 Only (each) No Longer Available
Rear 94-95 (each) No Longer Available

Front Bar Brackets


Crome Molly Steel

Left 04-7304-0000-LH
Right 04-7304-0000-RH


Left 34-180E-FD01
Right 34-160F-FD01


Bar Links
OEM Left Front 34-19X0-FD01
OEM Right Front 34-17X0-FD01
93-95 Front Bar Links "Heim-joint", adjustable
Pair (does both front wheels)
TCSportline Rear Trailing Arms
(Traction Rods - Pair)
Image Soon Megan Racing Rear Trailing Arms
(Traction Rods - Pair)
TCSportline Rear Toe Links (pair) SU-ARMARX932T0
Image Soon Megan Racing Rear Toe Links (pair) MEG-6317

Anti-Sway Bars
Larger diameter Anti-Sway Bars reduce body roll in turns, giving a much firmer feeling car and better cornering ability. The two brands we offer are Racing Beat (RB) and Suspension Techniques (ST). They differ in their design, so we at MAZDATRIX chose to carry both and thereby give our customers a wider choice.
Manufacturer Description Part Number Image
Racing Beat Solid Front Bar 14107 Racing Beat Solid Front Bar
Tubular Rear Bar H-14106 Tublar Rear Bar
Suspension Techniques Front and Rear Set w/adjustable rear H-ST52185 Front and Rear set
Front Bar Only H-ST50175 ST Front Bar
Rear Bar Only, adjustable H-ST51165 Rear Bar Only

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