86-92 Sway Bar Links, Polyurethane Bushings, Camber Rods and Links, Front Lowering Kit

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86-92 Anti-Sway Bar Links
The original equipment anti-sway bar links have an amazing amount of compliance in their rubber bushings. The 89-92 RX-7's still have compliance but are made of plastic, and we have already replaced some that were broken.
The increase in handling firmness and steering response is very noticeable when our bar links are installed, even when retaining the original anti-sway bars. The adjustable links also allow setting the bars to "zero pre-load" with the weight of whichever person is normally driving the car.
86-92 Front Links Kit H-M010F
86-92 Rear Links Kit H-M010R
Click Here For Installation Instructions Page
86-88 OEM Front (each) 34-170A-FB01 Image Soon
89-92 OEM Front (each) 34-1700-FC01 Image Soon
86-88 OEM Rear (each) 28-170B-FB01 Image Soon
89-92 OEM Rear (each) 28-1700-FC01 Image Soon


Mazdaspeed Front Lower Control Arm Bushings
These bushings are 40% stiffer than stock bushings. They are sold seperately. You will need to order two of each for one car.
Front Lower Control Arm FRONT (EACH) 34-4700-FBY1 Front Bushings
Front Lower Control Arm REAR (EACH) 34-4600-FBY1 Rear Bushings


Polyurethane Bushings
Polyurethane bushings are a considerable improvement up from original equipment rubber bushings due to their firmness. They do not require nearly as much compression, compared to stock bushings, before they let the suspension begin to function.


Anti-Sway Bar Bushing Sets
One set needed to fit the Frontbar. 24mm bar only. H-95128
One set needed to fit Rearbar (14mm bar only) H-115105
OEM Rear Bar Bushings (sold Each) for 12mm bar 28-1560-FB01  
OEM Rear Bar Bushings (sold Each) for 14mm bar 28-156A-FB43  


Front or Rear Sway-Bar End Link Bushings
These are pressed into the stock links (86-88 only) to replace the factory rubber bushings. One set needed per end of car.
Front or Rear H-98134


Front Lower Control Arm Bushing Kit (86-92)
This is a really good kit that contains the bushings needed for the front and the rear pivots of the front control arm. The inner diameter has the "barb" shape to conform to the OEM arm. Complete with the needed steel sleeves and bushings to do both arms.
Front Lower Control Arm Bushing Kit H-113102
Front Lower Control Arm Bracket No Longer Available


Rear Lower Control Arm Bushing Kit
This kit does the front pivots of the rear lower swing arm. Complete with bushings and sleeves to do both arms.
Energy Suspension Rear Lower Control Arm Bushing Kit H-113103
Stock Rubber Rear Lower Control Arm Bushing
Each! 4 Required per car


Stock OEM Rear Lower Control Arm Bushings & Seals
Part Number Description Image Installed
26-2200-FB01 Upper Bushing
(2 required per car)
Upper Bushing
26-2300-FB01 Lower Spherical Bearing
(2 required per car)

Note: These are held in by a snap ring and need to be pressed out
No Longer Available Bearing Seal for Lower Spherical Bearing
(4 required per car)


Rear Subframe Mount
86-92 OEM Rear Subframe Mount 28-8400-FB43 86-92 Rear Subframe Mount
86-92 Rear Subframe Nut 28-091A-FB01


86-92 RX-7 Full Front & Rear Urethane Kit
This complete set of urethane bushings includes the front and rear lower control arm sets, the front and rear sway bar to frame bushings, the front and rear sway bar end link bushings, (not used on 89-92) and the tie rod and ball joint dust boots. If you still have stock sway bars on the car, and want a more firm and controlled suspension, this is a great way to do it!


Rear Suspension on 86-92 RX-7
"Rear Steer" was added to the RX-7 beginning with the 86 model. The rear geometry reacts to cornering "G" forces by changing the toe alignment on each wheel depending on the speed, loads, and body roll. The sensation the driver feels is the front wanting to steer into the corner, but is actually the rear steering to the outside of the corner. This all happens right when a sensitive driver is expecting the rear end to begin a slight slide which the driver would compensate for by some degree of opposite-lock steering input.


"Toe Eliminator" Bushings
Installation of "Toe Eliminator" bushings negates the rear steering and returns the car to the responses a sensitive driver is expecting during "Spirited" driving. (This type of driving will only be done by experienced race car drivers on non-public, closed course race circuits of course).
RX7 86-92 Rear Toe Eliminator Bushing 14050
Click here for Rear Steer Eliminator Bushings FAQ / Install


Rear "Lateral Link"


Rear Camber Adjusting for 86-92
By pulling up or pushing down on the rear subframe where the original equipment vertical link is located, negative camber can be reduced or increased. This method changes both wheels an equal amount. Part #14008 has threads in the center of the assembly and requires removing the bolt from one end of the link to adjust the length. The subframe is then pushed or pulled to align with the new length and the bolt re-installed the. Part Numbers 04-7421-0000 and R-CAMBER-CRM allow adjustment without having to remove the link by incorporating heim joints, left and right-hand threads, with jam nuts.
Rear Camber Adjuster
(remove-to-adjust type)
One required per car
Anodized Aluminum Rear Camber Adjuster (Left and Right threaded - allows adjustment without removing) 04-7421-0000
One required per car
Steel (chrome) Rear Camber Adjuster (Left and Right threaded - allows adjustment without removing) R-CAMBER-CRM
One required per car
TC Sportline Rear Camber Adjuster


Adjustable (ON the car) Rear Camber Links
Camber Adjuster  

These are really trick pieces -They allow camber adjusting on EACH rear wheel.

These will take out about as much of the negative camber in the rear wheels as is "mechanically" possible. The only way to get more of it out requires a lot of cutting, grinding, and welding.

Left Link 86-01-E015L
Right Link 86-01-E015R
Rebuild Kit
(*one link per kit)
Click here for instructions on installing the above links


Stock Rear Camber Links
This (two per car) link goes on the rear control arm, forward, inboard end/pivot. When they go bad, you get an minor, irritating "clunking" from the rear when going over bumps. They seem to wear out most often on convertibles -- must just be the extra weight in the rear?
Rear Camber Links (each) 28-2100-FC01


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