86-92 Shocks, Struts and Strut Tops

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KYB AGX Adjustable
The four choices of front settings cover virtually all ranges needed, and yield excellent bump-to-rebound relationships. The eight choices in the rear allow real "fine-tuning", with the definite added benefit of not having to remove the rear speakers to get to the adjuster. It is a simple matter of kneeling down and reaching under the car.
KYB AGX Front Front (Left) H-733013 Front Adjust
Front (Right) H-733012
KYB AGX Rear Rear (each) H-741025 Rear Adjust


Tokico Adjustable
These 5-position front and 5-position rear Tokico Illumina adjustables are excellent quality shocks and struts. The adjustment is at the top, and gives a wide range of choices.
Front Tokico Adjustable
Front (left) H-BB3025 Rear Tokico Adjustable
Front (right) H-BB3024
Rear (each) H-BU3633


Tocico Rear Shocks 86-92 Non-Adjustable Tokico
NOTE! Tokico Non-Adjustable Shocks and Struts for RX7 are "temporarily" unavailable. Tokico is having manufacturing difficulty and we have sold our inventory out.
TOKICO non-adjustable shocks/struts are an excellent high performance replacement that also makes an effective up-grade from original equipment.
Front (left) H-HB3025
Front (right) H-HB3024
Rear (each) H-HU3633


86-92 Original Equipment
Original equipment shocks/struts are excellent units. (see applicable notes for each listing)
(* See Notes Below) Front Left Front Right Rear (Each)
(1) Normal (Base) No Longer Available No Longer Available 28-700C-FB44
(2) Sport 34-900C-FB44 34-700C-FB44 28-700C-FB44
(3) A.A.S. (86-88) No Longer Available No Longer Available 28-700C-FB52
(3) A.A.S. (89-92) No Longer Available No Longer Available No Longer Available
(4) Turbo+Conv.(86-88) 34-900C-FB44 34-700C-FB44 28-700C-FB44
(4) Turbo+Conv.(89-92) 34-900C-FB44 34-700C-FB44 28-7000-FC02

(1)86-88 Base model, 4-bolt, 14" wheels, "SE" model, and Base 89-92.
(2)86-88 Base model with "Sport" package (5-bolt, 15" wheels).
(3)All 86-92 with factory Auto Adjust Suspension.
(4)All 86-92 Turbo and Convertible models.



Shock Upper Mount
Strut Top 86-92 Front 34-380C-FB01
Upper Mount 86-92 Rear 28-0500-FB01
86-88 Rear Spring Seat 86-92 Rear Spring Seat 28-0400-FB01
86-92 Front Upper Spring Rubber 86-92 Front Upper Spring Rubber 34-0120-FB01


Front Strut Boot Strut Boot / Bumpstop (Front) 34-111A-FB01
Rear Shock Boot Shock Boot / Bumpstop (Rear) 28-0140-FB01


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