Many books have been written on the "theories" of suspension, and the application of these theories. It is therefore virtually impossible to cover all the details in this short writing. One group of key questions we would like you to keep in mind are very similar to what we ask elsewhere on this web site:
1. What type of budget do you have? Do you want to do it all at once?, or in how many stages?
2. How much street driving?, "spirited" driving?, autocross/slalom?, full race driving?
3. Are you willing to sacrifice soft ride quality for more precise handling? How much of each?
4. How long do you want your tires to last? Would you be better off investing in a full set of wider wheels and "super-sticky" tires, and swap them for the weekend runs?
We had originally put together specific "suspension packages" of bars, springs, and shocks, but it seemed customers ended up mixing/matching to some other combination. Therefore we let you make up your own specific package. Generally speaking, the higher the cost, the higher the quality and/or adjustability.

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