F.A.Q's and "How-to's"
Porting Replacing Front Wheel Bearings on 86-92
81-95 Short Shifter Installation 86-92 Shifter Bushing Replacement
Shutter (Coasting) Valve replacement on 81-85 12A's Suspension Spring Conversion Chart
Replacing 86-92 Antenna Mast 86-92 Front Cover O-Ring Problem
Synthetic Oils in Rotary Engines 86-92 Rear Steer Eliminator Bushings FAQ / Install
86-95 Turbo/Manifold Cracking Front Pulley / Thrust Bearings Warnings
79-95 Identifying Flywheels (and weight chart) Overboost Results
Rotor Weight and Compression Chart Cutaway Views of Rotors and Side Housings
Side Housing Information Identifying Bad Rotor Housings
Transmission and Differential Ratios 93-95, 3-Rotor and RX8 Main Bearing Sizes
Identifying Rear Counterweights Flywheel Removal
Miata Input Shaft Modification Identifying Your 1st Gen Transmission
86-92 Oil Cooler Hose Set-up How to Wire a Haltech
Renesis Side Seal Set-Up and Selection How to modify a rear counterweight to fit a Mazdaspeed race flywheel

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