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Pilot Bearing and Bearing Removal

The Pilot Bearing and Seal must be changed whenever a new clutch is installed. We also recommend changing it whenever possible (if you have the engine or the transmission out) if there is more than 10K miles on it. We have seen many failures of the Pilot, and sometimes damage to the transmission input shaft, earlier than the actual clutch wearing out.
Pilot Bearing Pilot Bearing (all 74-on) 11-D030-N326
Pilot Seal Pilot Seal (all 74-on) 11-404A-1881
The Removal Tool pays for itself the first time it is used by eliminating all frustration, bad language, and potential eccentric shaft damage by other methods. With this tool, bearing removal takes less than one minute.
Pilot Removal Tool Pilot Removal Tool 49-1285
Pilot Bearing Installing Pilot Bearing Installer -- Works great for installing pilot bearing, then the seal. Put bearing on tool, line it up, hit tool with hammer. Four inches of knurl to decrease the hammered knuckles / thumbs. Aluminum and inexpensive. 49-MT-110


Clutch Forks and Pivots
Clutch Pivot Ball 86-88 TURBO 16-1020-N302 clutch pivot ball
84-92 N/T 16-102B-0603
89-92 TURBO 16-1020-N310
Clutch Fork 84-88 13B N/T 16-5200-N204 clutch fork
86-88 TB 16-5200-N302
89-92 N/T 16-5200-N302
89-92 TURBO 16-5200-N310
93-95 16-520B-N315


Clutch Alignment Tool
If the transmission is out we recommend inspecting the clutch disc and pressure plate. It is much easer to do it now than find out one or both are bad after you put the transmission back in. If you do the inspection you will need a Clutch Alignment Tool to reinstall the clutch.
clutch alignment tool This tool (or one like it) must be used when installing any clutch (new or old) to prevent damage to disc, pilot, transmission, and/or the person attempting to put the transmission or engine back in.
All 74-92 non-turbo 49-0033-05
86-95 Turbo 49-0033-03


Clutch Misc.
Pedal Bump Stop
Brake up
Clutch Down
43-0290-B001 pedal bump stop clutch down
Pedal Bump Stop 86-92
Clutch Up
43-0290-G030 pedal bump stop clutch up


Clutch Hardware
Pressure Plate Bolts
(Uses 6 for 86-95 and 04-ON)

(Uses 4 for 71-92 Non-Turbo, and 2 Close tolerance pilot bolts, listed below)
00-8040-9YA0 Pressure Plate Bolts
Pressure Plate Bolts
(close tolerance pilot bolt)
(Uses 2 for 71-92 Non-Turbo, and 4 Short, listed above)
16-4320-0839 Pressure Plate Bolts
Pressure Plate Lock Washers
(Uses 6)
10-8000-9997 Pressure Plate Lock Washers


Rear Transmission Mount 79-85
We are finding a significant number of broken or sagging mounts that transmit noticeable vibrations into the car. It is only a few more nuts and bolts to install a new mount while the transmission is out.
Rear Transmission Mount 79-85
84-85 Auto Trans
74-85 All Manual Trans 39-340A-1011
74-85 All Manual Trans Competition 39-3400-4352
74-83 Automatic Trans 39-340A-1011
84-85 Automatic Trans 39-340B-FA55
Rear Transmission Mount 86-92
The transmission is actually held up and in place by the "Y" blocks listed below. The crossmember is more obviously bad because it's bushing actually breaks, while the "Y" blocks rarely break, they just sag, causing the bushing in the crossmember to break out. If you replace the crossmember, but not the blocks, your new crossmember will soon fail. The bushing in the center of the crossmember is not designed to carry any weight.

Click Image for Larger View
86-92 Side of "Y"
2 needed
86-92 Convertible
2 needed

Click Image for Larger View
Competition version of above (much stiffer)
2 needed

Click Image for Larger View
86-88 Manual Trans non-turbo 39-370D-FB01

Click Image for Larger View
86-88 Turbo 39-370D-F044

Click Image for Larger View
86-92 Automatic Trans 39-370C-FB02

Click Image for Larger View
89-92 Manual Trans. non-turbo 39-3700-FC02

Click Image for Larger View
89-92 Turbo 39-3700-FC18


Transmission Front Cover with Seal
It is always a good idea to replace the front seal on the transmission when replacing a clutch. What we are finding is considerable wear on the transmission front cover from the continual release bearing movement. If worn too much, the pressure plate will fail prematurely from release bearing side movement and misalignment.
79-80 Transmission Front Cover Seal
Includes new front seal
79-80 4 and 5 speed No Longer Available
Must rebuild trans w/81+ front bearing,
then use the front cover listed below.
79-85 5-spd (use w/ 81+ front bearing) 16-220D-8540
86-92 cast iron non-turbo
Includes new front seal
86-92 Cast Iron non-turbo 16-220A-N204
Transmission Front Cover w Seal
Does NOT include front seal
86-88 Turbo 16-2210-N302
89-92 Turbo 16-2210-JF07
93-95 Twin Turbo 16-2210-N315


Front Transmission Seal and Gasket
74-92 Rear Transmission Seals 74-92
all manual trans incl turbo
93-95 Rear Transmission Seals 93-95 17-1030-H501
Front Gasket Front Gasket (all except Turbo) 16-2250-8540


Rear Transmission Seals
All thru '85 All thru 85 17-335A-0437
86-92 non-turbo manual 86-92 non-turbo Manual 17-335A-M507
86 to 1/20 '89 non-turbo 86 to 1/20 '89 non-turbo Automatic 17-335A-M502
1/20 '89 to '92 non-turbo 1/20 '89 to '92 non-turbo Automatic Rear Seal 17-335A-R501
86-92 turbo 86-92 Turbo 17-335A-M502
93-95 manual trans rear seal 93-95 Manual trans Rear Seal 17-335A-R501


Bellhousing to Engine Bolts (79-95)
93-95 A/T Lower Left 93-95 A/T Lower Left 61-0700-9979
93-95 m/t (uses 4) 93-95 M/T (uses 4) 61-0550-9979
lower left Lower Left (long) 72-92
93-95 M/T (use 1)
lower right Lower Right 72-92 41-0400-9978
upper center (hook) Upper Center (hook) 72-92 10-8450-8555
upper left Upper Left 72-92 61-0350-9979
upper right Upper Right 72-92 all
93-95 A/T Use 5


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