Race Engines for Specific Classes

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These are engines built for SPECIFIC race classes / organizations. They are not designed to be used in street driven vehicles, and the extra cost would actually be wasted if installed in a street vehicle!

Cost varies tremendously by what all goes into that specific engine. "More Stock" engine prices like Improved Touring or Pro7 are determined a lot by the rules for the class (although you will still have a better engine that lasts longer, and makes more power with new rotors and rotor housings!). The Production and Sports Racing type engines are largely determined by your wallet, and/or how serious you are about winning. "Little" details on these engines such as: super lightened rotor sets, super light double disc clutch/flywheel, absolute max porting, carb or injected, etc. make thousands of dollars difference in cost.

You will need to call and discuss any of these engines. Please! be ready with honest answers to the initial questions of "what is your budget", and "how serious are you about winning".

E/Production 86-92 13B E/Production 79-85 12A or 13B
ITS (Improved Touring) 86-92 13B ITA (Improved Touring) 79-85 12A
Pro7 79-85 12A C/Sports Racing 12A
SCCA GT2 or GT3 NASA, Time Trials, HPDE

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