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High Capacity Aluminum Oil Pans
With Built in Baffles, Trap Doors and Cooling Fins
Come standard with mounting studs and nuts
79-85 12A 01-7101-0000
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(also to install any13B in 79-85 RX-7)
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13B 86-92 RX7 01-7103-0000

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13B REW Cosmo
(Like 86-92 13b but without bottom engine mount)
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93-95 Twin Turbo 01-7106-0000
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Side Mount Alternator Bracket
Mounts the alternator on the spark plug side of the engine for low hood or big intake manifold clearance. Only works with the stock water pump pulley. Any combination of eccentric shaft and alternator pulleys will work. See belt below- not included.

Does not work with FD serpentine belt system or with FD alternator.
Does not fit in FD chassis
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Side Mount Alternator Belt CON-10X965


Apex Seals
Note: The carbon apex seals are designed for racing only. They seal better above 8k rpm due to their lighter weight. They do NOT last very long (20k miles on the high side), and do NOT seal well at low rpm's (like starting and at idle).
Not recommended for turbo, supercharged, or nitrous engines.

All part numbers are for ONE seal, six seals needed per 2-rotor engine.
Engine / Years Material Part Number Image
12A (74-85) Carbon 11012 3mm Carbon Apex
13B (84-85) 3mm Carbon No Longer Available 3mm Carbon Apex
13B (86-95) 2mm Carbon 11011 2mm Carbon
Ceramic Apex Seals
Ianetti Ceramic Seals
Supplied with springs
13B Renesis 04-11
RX8 2-Piece
Sold as a 2-rotor engine set
13B 2mm
13B 2mm
Note!!: These cost $300-$500 EACH ! -- that means over $2000 (yes!) for 6 seals to do a 2-rotor engine.
13B 3mm


Eccentric Shaft Oil Jet
This oil jet replaces the factory checkball and spring.
These should be used in full race engines only, because the idle oil pressure is noticeably lower.
11-4110-8553 Eccentric Shaft Oil Jet


Aluminum Side Housings
Flame Sprayed Aluminum Housings

Now available, a series of Aircraft Grade A356 aluminum alloy side housings to replace many of the heavier cast iron stock assemblies found on all 1974 and later 12A, 13B, 20B, and 13G engines. These housings offer both the obvious advantage of significant weight savings and greatly increased wear resistance, even under high horsepower demands. Furthermore, these housings can be used in conjunction with the stock cast iron housings, as budgets and applications dictate.

As an example of the significant weight savings: a stock, intermediate housing on a 1993 13B turbo engine weighs 25.9 pounds, while the aluminum replacement weighs just 10.5 pounds, nearly a 60 percent weight savings. The stock rear housing on this same engine weighs 25.8 pounds, while the aluminum replacement weighs just 13 pounds, again a savings of nearly 50 percent.

John here, is holding a complete 13B block which weighs in at an astonishing 109lbs.

After each aluminum housing is cast using A356 Aircraft Alloy, it is heat treated to “T-6” hardness and then CNC-machined prior to being flame-sprayed and ground to a final finish. The greatly increased wear resistance is the result of this aerospace originated flame spray (or plasma spray) process that imbeds into the wear surfaces a proprietary carbide material whose durability greatly exceeds that of the nitride surface found on the stock cast iron housings.

The Flame Sprayed Aluminum housings are offered in a variety of combinations: 1) with machined water jacket O-ring grooves for the 1974-85 engine applications or without these grooves for the 1986-95 engine applications; 2) with side ports* (based on the 1993 porting configuration) or without side intake ports for peripheral port applications; and, 3) either top or side starter positioning (20B application). 6-Port configured housings are not offered.

The intermediate housings available provide additional material for machining of fuel injector sockets should your application require such a feature. While the rear housing has no provision for an oil pressure regulator, you have the option of mounting a stock Mazda regulator in the side of the oil pan (wet sump) or using the internal oil pressure regulator typically included in most dry sump pumps.

*Note - The housings “as cast” are for peripheral port applications. If you desire to port your housing(s), contact us for details on porting configurations available. These housing are fabricated to your exact specifications. Contact us for ordering information at (562) 426-7960. Exact pricing can be provided once the engine specifications are reviewed by Mazdatrix.

Prices on these housings are subject to change.
74-85 Front 11050
74-85 Intermediate 11060
74-85 Rear 11070
86-95 Front 11051
86-95 Intermediate 11061
86-95 Rear 11071
20B Rear 11072


Peripheral Port Housings
1974-85 13B Turbo 11023
1986-92 13B Turbo 11024


Mazda Comp Dry Sump Kit
Complete Mazda Comp. Dry Sump Kit
(for Racing Purposes ONLY, comes with everything you see in the picture)
The suction tubes are made for 13B; for use on a 20B, you will have to extend the long suction tube 4-5" to get to the rear of the engine.
With Distributor Hole No Longer Available
W/O Distributor Hole 01-SUMP-9314-KT

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Mazdaspeed Dry Sump Plate
Mazdaspeed Dry Sump PLate Mazdaspeed Dry Sump Plate
for 13B


Image Description Part Number
Mazda Competition 80 Mazda Competition '80 Style 18-2000-8341


Oil Pressure & Oil Temperature Adapter
The Oil Pressure and Temperature Sensor Adapter unit allows for easy installation of sender units for most popular gauges (1/8-inch female pipe for oil pressure and 3/8-inch female pipe for oil temperature). The machined-aluminum adapter will accommodate either mechanical or electrical senders. The adapter mounts immediately below the oil filter assembly and includes a mounting O-ring and detailed installation instructions. Easily installs by simply removing the oil filter! 11803 Oil Filter Tower Adapter
Oil Filter Bypass Block 1971-95
This block is designed to facilitate the installation of a remote oil filter assembly. Machined from aluminum-alloy with an internal passage that eliminates the need for the stock oil filter, this component is very popular for customized engine and racing applications. 11822 Oil Filter Bypass Block


Oil Pressure Sending Unit Plug
Oil Pressure Sending Unit Plug Use this plug to eliminate your oil pressure sending unit. 31-000J-9950


Fuel Injector Plug Kit

Used to plug the fuel injector holes in the center iron housing when using an aftermarket intake system
Image Part Number Description
Fuel Injector Plug Kit 84-92 13B 18147
For 93-99 13b and 20b 93-99 13B
also fits 20B, but need 2 kits


Intake Block-off Plate
Image Installed Description Part Number
Intake Block-off 84-92 13B Intake ALL

1/8" Thick Aluminum - Great for protecting engines for storage or shipping.


3/8 NPT to Mechanical Temp Guage Fitting
Use this fitting to adapt your Autometer mechanical tempature guage 2263
Extension temperature adaptor for mechanical full sweep gauges AM2272


Eccentric and Alternator Pulleys
These are "underdrive" pulleys - meaning the water pump and alternator will turn slower. This reduces horsepower loss from the drag of those units, and reduces the chance of water pump cavitation at higher rpm's.
Pulley Part Number Image
Single Belt Eccentric Pulley
3.25" OD
This pulley is provided with a series of engraved timing marks at 0 degrees (TDC), 12.5 degrees BTC, and 25 degrees BTC
Dual Belt Alternator Pulley 3" OD
Fits all Mazda RX Alternators -92
11479 Dual Belt Alternator Pulley
74-92 Underdrive Eccentric Pulley 4" OD
Timing marks at -10 (ATDC) 0, 10 (BTDC) and 20 (BTDC)
Water Pump Pulley 5" OD
Slows down water pump for racing applications
Fits 79-85 water pumps
Will NOT fit with stock eccentric shaft pulley
Must use 11473
01-7211-0000 Water Pump Pulley
Water Pump Pulley 5" OD
Slows down water pump for racing applications
Fits 86-88 water pumps
Will NOT fit with stock eccentric shaft pulley
Must use 11473
01-7212-0000 Water Pump Pulley
Water Pump Pulley 5" OD
Slows down water pump for racing applications
Fits 89-92 water pumps
Will NOT fit with stock eccentric shaft pulley
Must use 11473
01-7213-0000 Water Pump Pulley
Note: If you have removed the air pump, the remaining belt does not wrap very far around the water pump pulley. This lack of belt contact area can lead to slippage of the water pump at high rpm's/high load conditions. The "high load" can be caused by the fan itself, or by the fan clutch being too stiff and/or frozen.

We strongly recommend using at least the dual belt alternator pulley to double the water pump pulley belt contact area.

Please read FAQ at: Front Pulley / Thrust Bearings to help prevent problems when changing front pully.


Aluminum Racing Flywheel

Accepts 4.5", 5.5", 7.25" clutches (Specify which you want)
(Clutch not included - available separately)
Uses OEM rear counterweight -- no more special drilled extra pattern ones!
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Image Description Part Number
blank intake template Blank Intake Template (allows 2 ports per template) 49-222BLANK
6 Port Intake (contains scribed ports for center AND end housings) 49-2226P
Turbo Half Bridge 87-95 Turbo Engines (contains ports for center and end housings) 49-222BT
intake street port Intake Street Port (4-port) 49-22202
intake bridge port Intake Bridge Port (4-port) 49-22201
intake big bridge port Intake Big Bridge Port (4-port)
Note: Requires cutting of rotor housings - see FAQ section on bridge porting
87-95 Turbo Street Port Intake 49-222TT

Exhaust Templates Templates are scribed with port shape, you need to cut the actual hole.
Exhaust Template
Generic Template
Exhaust 12A Street Port 49-22210
Exhaust 13B Street Port
74-95 All Turbo and Non-Turbo
Using Template
Using the template
Exhaust 12A Race Port 49-22211
Exhaust 13B Race Port
74-95 All Turbo and Non-Turbo


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