86-92 Non-Turbo Engine Numbers

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These are the Part Numbers for 86-92 Non-Turbo Engines. These are just the majority of the ones we list. We are able to "build" about any combination possible with our computer -- just give us specific requests, and we can come up with a pretty exact estimate of the cost.

The "Build Level" chart is at the bottom of the page

Note: Core supply is variable, please call prior to ordering your engine.

Note: For 86-92 Non-turbo engines the cost of a full gasket set is included in the price of the engine. We use the gaskets/seals needed to assemble the engine, and send the remaining ones with the engine - that way you have essentially all the gaskets needed to finish the installation.

89-92 Non-Turbo
Part Number Description
MZTX-13-5A00 "A" Level
MZTX-13-5C00 "C" Level
MZTX-13-5E00 "E" Level
MZTX-13-5F00 "F" Level
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Note: The 89-92 higher compression rotors can easily be installed in the 86-88 "C" level (and above) engines. Extra cost is the price differential between the two pairs of rotors, + front and rear counterweights (for the rear, it is easiest to just add an 89-92 light flywheel as these come with the rear counterweight).

86-88 Non-Turbo
Part Number Description
MZTX-13-4A00 "A" Level
MZTX-13-4B00 "B" Level
MZTX-13-4C00 "C" Level
MZTX-13-4E00 "E" Level
MZTX-13-4F00 "F" Level
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Note: ALL Engines have NEW Apex Seals, NEW Oil Control Rings, NEW Corner Seals, New Side Seals, ALL Springs are NEW, All Gaskets and "O"-Rings are NEW, with NEW Front and Rear Seals.

Parts Build Level / Parts Chart
A B* C E F
New Rotor Housings No Yes Yes Yes Yes
New Rotors No No Yes Yes Yes
New Stationary Gears No No No Yes Yes
New Oil Pump and Chain No No No Yes Yes
New Eccentric Shaft No No No Yes Yes
New Side Housings No No No No Yes
Used Parts A B* C E F
Lapped Side Housings Yes Yes Yes Yes New
Used Rotor Housings Yes New New New New
Used Rotors Yes Yes New New New
Used Stationary Gears Yes Yes Yes New New
Used Eccentric Shaft Yes Yes Yes New New
Used Oil Pump and Chain Yes Yes Yes New New

(*) "B" Level Engines are ONLY available for Non-Turbo 86-88, subject to our availability of sufficient parts.

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