E-Mailing to MAZDATRIX

Parts Orders can be done "On-Line" by clicking on whatever part number you have found you want, then "adding to cart" and continuing with the shopping cart.

PLEASE! - be sure your return E-mail address is valid !!! We have written many responses only to find out the return address is "not valid". A few of them we have found a combo from what was sent that appeared to work, but others we had to give up trying to send our response. The customer then probably assumes a very negative opinion of us -- and there is no way to let them know what happened.

PLEASE NOTE: We are receiving 20-30 e-mails a day directed to us. At 3-10 minutes apiece to answer (look up part numbers, call vendors, cross check numbers, check interchangeability, etc.) there is NO WAY we can afford the man-hours to answer all. Additionally, too few people are reading the "guidelines" below because too much of the mail is "go faster", "how to put xx engine in yy car", "my car won't start - what is wrong" topics. --- PLEASE READ THE GUIDELINES --


We receive a large volume of mail everyday (from various sources), so PLEASE put "To MAZDATRIX", or something like that, in the SUBJECT field of your E-mail.

We will NOT be able to answer all the mail. PLEASE phrase your questions to be as specific as possible, and include all relevant specs needed (year, make, model, mods done, driving (street, road-race, drag-race, etc.)). What we have found is that a very reasonable question can be asked, but we need MUCH more info. This leads to many back-and-forth mailings, that require a fair amount of keyboard time, that all could have been done in less than 2 MINUTES on the phone! (and done better/more complete)

General Mail should be addressed to : mail(at)mazdatrix.com
Obviously that means the "@" sign. Because it is a "commercial" website and e-mail (ends with .com), we actually receive OVER 1500 !!! e-mails PER DAY. With all the filters/screenings set, we actually
only have to "look at" about 400 per day.

We can not do justice (via E-Mail) to questions like : "I want my '87 to be faster, what do you recommend". This is a long discussion, even on the phone. These will normally receive a "please review sections --- and ---- in the website" and then "call us", response.

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