86-92 Rear Exhaust Systems and Mufflers

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The Racing Beat system will bolt directly to the rear of original catalytic converter, and is emissions legal. Horsepower gain is very noticeable, construction is considerably better than original equipment, and the tone is excellent.

The Racing Beat muffler cans are constructed of stainless steel that gives a polished look. The system uses stainless and ceramic internal packing materials, and polished stainless tips that are integral to the mufflers.
The System is supplied with necessary gaskets, and are easily shipped via UPS. This system requires shipping in 2 boxes due to the long "Y"pipe design.


Brand Size Part Number Image
Racing Beat 50mm (Non-turbo) 16420 Racing Beat Exhaust
50mm "Y"pipe, 60mm mufflers (Turbo) 16418


86-92 Mufflers
The Racing Beat systems are the only ones with the parts available individually. The mufflers must be changed as a pair if replacing original mufflers. The "Y" pipe will fit in place of the original pipe, but is larger in diameter and better in construction.
Stainless Steel Can and polished tip Racing Beat Muffler Exhaust Tip
Left Turbo 16446
Right Turbo 16445
Left Non-turbo 16444
Right Non-turbo 16443


"Y" pipe only 16447 "Y" Pipe


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