Exhaust Parts

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40-061F-N3A1 40-0610-FE20 40-061A-N3A2
Exhaust Hanger Exhaust Hanger


40-0610-1114 40-060B-N326 40-060B-N328 40-1600-1114
Exhaust Donut Exhaust Hanger Exhaust Hanger


40-1600-1114 No Longer Available
use "A"
No Longer Available
use "A"
Exhaust Hanger 1984-85 RX-7 Exhaust Donut


A B C1
('81 & '82 Models)
('83 Model)
40-1600-1114 40-0610-1114 NLA NLA
Exhaust Hanger Exhaust Donut NLA NLA


Split Air Pipe (brings fresh air to main cat)
Image Soon 81-82 12A No Longer Available
Image Soon 84-85 12A No Longer Available
84-85 13B No Longer Available
86-88 Turbo 86-88 Turbo No Longer Available
89-92 N/T 89-92 N/T 20-840B-N350
Image Soon 89-92 Turbo No Longer Available
Split Air Pipe Gasket Split Air Pipe Gasket 79-80 13-135B-8527
81-92 40-3750-YJZ4
Split Air Pipe Gasket Split Air Pipe Gasket
87-92 Turbo - Pipe to Intake Manifold


Stock Converter to Rear Muffler Connecting Pipe
Connecting Pipe 79-80 ALL No Longer Available
81-82 ALL No Longer Available
83 No Longer Available
84-85 w/Auto Transmission No Longer Available
84-85 12A with manual transmission 40-200C-N249
84-85 13B GSLSE No Longer Available
Note: For 86-92 Connecting "Y" Pipe, see 86-92 Mufflers


Exhaust Tips
79-85 Exhaust Tip 79-85 Chrome Exhaust Tip (each) 40-5510-8871
86-92 Chrome Exhaust Tip Non-Turbo (each) 40-990C-N326
Turbo Exhaust Tip 86-92 Chrome Exhaust Tip Turbo (each) No Longer Available


Exhaust Studs and Nuts
Downpipe to Turbo Stud 93-95 Stud, Downpipe to Turbo 21-0080-9YA9
Downpipe to Turbo, and Manifold to Engine 93-95 Nut, Downpipe to Turbo
and Manifold To Engine
Exhaust Manifold to Engine Stud 93-95 Stud, Exhaust Manifold to Engine 21-0020-9YA9
Downpipe to Turbo Stud 93-95 Stud, turbo to manifold 10mm (uses 5) 21-0080-9YA9
Turbo to Manifold 93-95 Nut, Turbo to Manifold 10mm (uses 5) 40-3550-JE10
Turbo to Manifold Stud 93-95 Stud, Turbo to Manifold 8mm (uses 1) 13-4560-N391
Turbo to Manifold 93-95 Nut, Turbo To Manifold 8mm (uses 1) 13-461B-E5B6
Turbine Housing To Downpipe 86-88 Stud, Turbine Housing To Downpipe No Longer Available
Rotor Housing for Exhaust Manifold All 74-92 Stud, rotor housing for exhaust manifold 10-1050-0839
Nut for Rotor Housing Stud All 74-92 Nut, rotor housing stud 40-3550-8134
Stud for Catalytic Converters 12mm x 1.25 (fine thread) Stud for catalytic converters No Longer Available
Nut for Catalytic Converter Studs 12mm x 1.25 (fine thread) Nut for catalytic converter studs 40-3550-8118
93-95 Exaust Converter Nut 40-3550-JE11



Individual Block-Off Plates
Block Off Plate 74-75 Intake Manifold 16326
Block Off Plate 79-80 Intake Manifold 16321
Block Off Plate 81-92 Non Turbo Intake Manifold 16325
Block Off Plate 86-92 Turbo Intake Manifold 16328MZ
EGR Cover Plate 80 California, 86-88 Turbo and Non-Turbo EGR Cover Plate 16323
Heat Exchanger Block Off Plate 79-80 Heat Exchanger Air Inlet 16320
93-95 Air Control Valve Cover Plate 16329MZ


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