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Intercooler Upgrade Kits

An Intercooler works to increase horsepower not by increasing boost, but by lowering the temperature of the intake air. The colder the air is, the more densely packed its molecules are. Therefore, more air can fit in the same combustion chamber volume. Additionally, by lowering the temperature of combustion gasses, engine wear is reduced and longevity increased.

The stock intercooler is designed to make the engine run safely at the factory set boost level. The intercooler upgrade kit replaces this stock intercooler and reduces the temperature to well below that safety margin. The upgrade kit alone makes a very noticeable horsepower increase, while its increased safety margin allows for further modification of boost pressures.

All kits are supplied with all necessary hardware for installation. The piping supplied is considerably more rigid than stock, which prevents the piping from collapsing during hard acceleration. The HKS kits for 86-92 require extensive notching of the radiator core support to clear the new piping, since the new intercooler is mounting in front of the radiator. The GReddy kits for 86-92 require minor re-aligning of the turbine.


Turbo Piping Parts for 93-95
Y Pipe Efini "Y" Pipe Kit
99 Competition Y Pipe Kit, includes all gaskets needed. This kit replaces the stock rubber piping on all 93-95 US cars.
Turbo Hose to Intercooler
Turbo Pipe Hose to Intercooler for 93+ Black 13-MZTX-N3A2-BK
Blue 13-MZTX-N3A2-BL


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