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A'PEXi Coilover Systems
S1 DAMPER SYSTEM Ride quality and handling performance are not mutually exclusive. Almost all coilover suspension systems are designed for track use, but are not well matched for street use. In fact, most are sprung and dampened improperly for street use, which not only gives a harsh and unpleasurable ride, but also hurts grip performance when the suspension cannot conform to the terrain. To address this gap, Apex proudly introduces the S1 Damper line, with a specifically selected recipe of spring rates, oil and valving for hi-performance street cars that doubl as weekend track machines. 100% made in Japan, with precision Japanese components.
RX-7 FD3S 1993-1996
45mm Piston Dia; Spring Rates - 12K- Front; 12k - Rear
Image Soon N1 EXV Damper System The N1 ExV Damper is the newest edition to our high performance street line of coilover suspension. The Expert Type V (ExV) is a full coilover suspension featuring a threaded base for precise ride height adjustment without compromising shock or spring travel. We have taken our street suspension to the next level for 2005 by including high performance upper mounts and 32 way ride quality adjustment for street cars that are used at the track as well. The spring rates and internal valving of the ExV has been completely refined for excellent ride quality and sports driving. The ExV was designed to cater exclusively to US market vehicles. With this in mind, internal components have been specifically engineered to withstand harsher road conditions and increased wear caused by everyday street driving. The Expert Type V was developed based upon user requests for a high performance damper that doesn't carry a typical racing suspension price tag.
RX-7 1993-1995 R2 1.3 Turbo ; WITH PILLOWBALL UPPER MOUNTS
45mm Piping Dia
In Development
N1 Evolution Series
The N1 Evolution is the newest generation of our track engineered flag ship N1 suspension. All N1 dampers feature large piston, monotube design using a threaded base for height adjustments without compromising shock or spring travel. Every year, we gather incredible amounts of suspension data from our direct involvement in many different racing series. This specialized data goes directly into our sports parts development to provide the customer with the same cutting edge suspension technology we use on all of our race vehicles.All components are made using the highest quality standards.
Image Soon N1 Evolution Circuit Damper System A'PEX has been at the forefront of circuit competition for years, building time attack vehicles for competition in top level events and racing series. We have worked side by side with many of the worlds most talented drivers and top racing teams. Every race serves as an invaluable opportunity to refine our suspension setup and take note of what effects various changes make to a race car.
RX-7 1993-1995 R2 1.3 Turbo ; WITH PILLOWBALL UPPER MOUNTS
52mm Piping Dia
Image Soon N1 Evolution Drift Damper System Within the last few years, the phenomenon known as "drifting" has taken over the US by storm. In Japan, we have been battling it out with the worlds top drifters for years in the pinnacle of professional drifting competitions, the D1 Grand Prix. Suspension setup is key to provide the proper balance and stable handling characteristics suitable for drifting. Using the D1 GP to fine tune our suspension setup, we were able to create the ultimate drifting coilover.
RX-7 1993-1995 R2 1.3 Turbo ; WITH PILLOWBALL UPPER MOUNTS
46mm Piping Dia
Image Soon N1 Evolution Street Damper System The STREET version of the N1 Evolution focuses on the hardcore enthusiast that craves for the curves of the race track, but still requires a comfortable, "streetable" ride for the drive home. Internal valving settings have been extensively researched and tested to achieve the perfect balance between street and track. The N1 Evolution STREET is one of the most versatile coilovers systems we have produced to date.
46mm Piping Dia



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