RX8 Oil System Parts

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Oil Filler Caps
Description Part Number Image
Mazdatrix Billet Aluminum Oil Cap

Fits '04-'08 only

OIL-CAP-MTRX Mazdatrix Oil Cap Top View


Mazdatrix Oil Cap Bottom View
Kyle Mohan Racing Billet Aluminum Oil Cap

Fits '04-'08 only

Original Equipment for 04-08 RX8
(yellow 5w-20)
10-2500-N3H4 RX8 Oil Cap
Original Equipment for '09-'11 RX8 10-2500-LF04
Original Equipment RX7
( black cap will also fit RX8 '04-'08)
10-250A-0453 Original Cap


Oil Cooler Stainless Steel Braided Hose Set

Hoses comes fully assembled, it replaces the 8 original factory oil cooler hoses with just 3 hoses.
1) engine out-to-cooler, 2) cooler-to-cooler, and 3) cooler-to-engine in.
Eliminating possible leakage areas during racing and high output applications.
Each line is pressure tested at the end of the assembly process.

Unlike earlier rotary applications, replacement of the oil lines on the RX-8 application requires substantial labor effort and is best undertaken when the engine has been removed from the vehicle. Although more challenging due to limited access, this project can be undertaken with engine in the vehicle, just allow adequate time to complete the process. With the engine in the vehicle this is an involved project that can’t be rushed! Shipped complete with all required oil lines, oil cooler and engine adaptors, bracket hardware, protective end caps, and fully detailed installation instructions.
04-08 11911
09-11 11912
OEM Oil Coolers
04-08 Left (Manual+Auto) 14-700D-N3H1 Right (Manual + Auto)
04-08 Right (6-Speed only) 14-700D-N3H6
09-11 Left (manual + Auto) 14-7000-N3R1
09-11 Right (6-Speed only) 14-7000-N3R2


Oil Cooler Thermostat
oil cooler Thermostat Oil Cooler bypass thermostat
-10 AN male fittings
180 Degrees
Use when building an oil cooing system with aftermarket cooler(s).


Oil Cooler and Radiator Inlet Screens
These stainless steel mesh screens provide excellent protection against road debris while enhancing the appearance of your RX8.
Oil Cooler Screens
(sold individually)
04-08 11807
2009 11808
Center Radiator Screen 11805


Miscellaneous Parts
OEM Mazda style Oil Filter 14-302A-G6Y0
K&N Oil Filter HP-1008
Oil Pan Drain Plug 10-4040-HE03
Oil Drain Plug Washer 41-4000-9956
Oil Filter Mount Gasket 14-3420-N3R1
Engine Oil Pump 14-100A-N3H1 RX8 Oil Pump
Oil Pump chain 14-1510-N326 Oil Pump chain
Oil Metering Pump 14-600C-N3H1 RX8 Metering Pump
Oil Metering Pump to Engine O-Ring 14-6040-N3H1
Metering Pump Plate
1 required
14-6020-N350 metering pump plate
Metering Pump Washer
4 required
20-8000-9956 metering pump washer
Oil Injector Line
(Front Housing - Front)
14-690B-N3H1 oil injector line
Oil Injector Line
(Front Housing - Rear)
14-680B-N3H1 oil injector line
Oil Injector Line
(Rear Housing - Front)
14-670B-N3H1 Oil Injector Line
Oil Injector Line
(Rear Housing - Rear)
14-660B-N3H1 Oil Injector Line
Oil Injector
(each- 4 required)
Oil Injector Washer
8 required
04-08 Stock Oil Pan 10-4AXD-N3H8 Oil Pan
09-11 Stock Oil Pan 10-400A-N3Y3
Aluminum Oil Pan
Built-in baffle plate, trap doors, cooling fins, stud mounting kit
Only 1 left in stock
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Oil Pick Up Tube 14-240A-N3H1 RX8 Oil Pick Up Tube
Oil Pick Up Tube O-Ring 14-V280-N3H1


Oil Hose Retaining Clip and Connector
Oil Hose Retaining Clip The clip is now only available with the connector. Order below.
Oil Hose Connector 93-95, 04-ON 14-850A-N3G1

Racing Beat Oil Pressure and Temperature Adapter
Oil Filter Tower Adapter The Oil Pressure and Temperature Sensor Adapter unit allows for easy installation of sender units for most popular gauges (1/8-inch female pipe for oil pressure and 3/8-inch female pipe for oil temperature). The machined-aluminum adapter will accommodate either mechanical or electrical senders. The adapter mounts immediately below the oil filter assembly and includes a mounting O-ring and detailed installation instructions. Easily installs by simply removing the oil filter! 11803


Idemitsu Racing Engine Oil
Idemitsu Rotary Engine Oil is the only oil specifically designed to be used in the rotary engine. As the developer of the engine oil for the winning 1991 LeMans Mazda 787B and a long time supplier of vital lubricants to Mazda, Idemitsu has intimate knowledge of the requirements of rotary engines.
10W-30 - Per Quart IDE-10W-30
10W-30 - Per 12qt Case IDE-10W-30-CS
20W-50 - Per Quart IDE-20W-50
20W-50 - Per 12qt Case IDE-20W-50-CS


Idemitsu Rotary Premix Idemitsu Racing Rotary Fuel Lube (Premix) - Synthetic Blend

Inherently with many rotary engines, the entirety of the rotor and housing are not being sufficiently lubricated, resulting in premature wear or damage. In order to increase lubrication within the engine, Idemitsu developed Idemitsu Rotary Premix. At 1/2 oz per gallon of fuel, it is a cost effective way to lubricate more of your engine and prevent premature catastrophic damage.
A special blend of base oils reduces deposits and subsequent exhaust port clogging. As a result, your rotary will maintain the power at which it was designed. Special detergent/dispersant additives keep your fuel injectors clean to reduce maintenance. Provides additional lubrication for apex and side seals to increase seal life and increase the efficiency of the engine. Special additives allow for better sealing of the chamber, creating greater efficiency and more power.

Do NOT use with ethanol or ethanol based fuels!

Available by the quart or by the 12 qt case



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