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Mazda Rebuilds

For the most part, when a customer needs an engine for their RX8, the best solution is for us to sell him a Mazda Factory OEM rebuilt engine. These engines are sold on an exchange basis and there is a $1000 core charge. Some customers choose to keep their old engine and pay the core charge but most simply send their old engine here for exchange. You can pay the $1000 plus the cost of the engine and shipping, have us send you the new engine and then send your core back to us for a $1000 refund, or you can send your core in advance and never pay the $1000. Your choice.

These engines are built to very high standards and Mazda warrants them for 12 months or 12,000 miles whichever comes first. We have sold a lot of these engines and have been very happy with the quality. You will need to provide us with the VIN number and mileage.

04-08 4-Port w/Automatic Trans 02-200R-N3H2-V0
04-08 6-Port w/Manual Trans 02-200R-N3H3-V0


Mazdatrix Rebuilds

If you have special engine needs such as porting or race blueprinting, we can also build you an engine. Some people choose to have us build their old engine, some choose to have us buy a Mazda rebuild and take it apart to make the necessary modifications. The engines listed below assume we are rebuilding your engine. The build levels below also assume that everything not listed as "new" comes from the core engine you supply. You may want us to build you an "A" level engine, but your core has bad rotor housings. (Just one example) We won't know that until your engine is disassembled. At that point, you will have to add the price of new rotor housings to the "A" level engine you had previously selected. This can add significantly to the cost of the engine we build you, so you need to be prepared for that. If we take your engine apart and find that you need more parts than you want to pay for, we will charge you a nominal fee for the labor to take it apart and then you can decide what you want us to do with the pieces. At that point, this is no longer a core that Mazda will accept.


"A" Level
Includes all new seals, springs and gaskets. Side housings are lapped flat if required.
"B" Level
In addition to the A level parts, includes new rotor housings
This is very typical for Renesis engines as the rotor housings are almost always worn out after 80,000 miles or so.
"C" Level
In addition to the A and B level parts, includes new rotors
"F" Level
Every single part except basic hardware is replaced with new.


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